Some time ago, the dopamine style was super hot, and there is a reason why this style is hot. The main thing is a colorful and gaudy, bright colors just look at people's mood.

Recently, a new term came out of nowhere—Maillard style. "Summer dopamine, autumn Maillard", what exactly is "Maillard style"。 The reason why it is called "Maillard" style is derived from the "Maillard reaction" of food. It originally refers to an enzymatic browning that occurs when food is cooked from raw to cooked, that is, it becomes caramelized after heatin。

 The Maillard style is just an extended word in the fashion circle that uses the color presented by the reaction of this food as the main color to clothing and bags. "Maillard style" has a clear tone, but it is not limited to "brown" alone, so it cannot be summarized with just "brown line".

The Maillard style is very tolerant, it can be deep or light, the light-colored "Maillard style" is mainly apricot and khaki, and the dark "Maillard style" is "brown", "Dark brown" predominates.

BARONY has successively launched "Maillard style" cosmetic bags this autumn!